General risk warning: Trading digital options has some risks of partial or full funds loss. This fact should be taken into consideration by any trader who is planning to make profits by option trading. Ybinary advises its clients to read our terms and conditions carefully before opening positions on our platform. Digital options quotes displayed on the Ybinary platform are indicative rates that the company is prepared to sell options at and may not correspond to either live market quotations or quoted rates at the point of sale In Ybinary, to all of the client, in the previous stage to open a position in our platform, we have been advised to read carefully our terms and conditions. Is such as pricing of digital options that are displayed in the Ybinary of platforms on a display of the price at the stage of the company was ready to sell an option. Please note that there is a possibility that does not match either the live state market rates and market rates at the point of sale.

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